We cultivate our mushrooms on predominantly wood substrates and all are grown organically with no use of chemicals, pesticides or peat. We don’t repack imported mushrooms and all the mushrooms we sell have been cultivated by ourselves ensuring we have complete control and traceability, an intrinsic aspect of our business and our beliefs.

Throughout the year we cultivate over 14 varieties including:


King Oyster

Maitake “Hen of the Woods”

Grey Oyster

Summer Oyster

Velvet Piopinno


White Beech /Buna Shimeji

Golden Oyster

Lions Mane

White Coral


King Stropharia


Pink Oyster

We sell all our fresh mushrooms direct to restaurants and hotels across Ireland and also to general public at The Milk Market in Limerick every Saturday morning and also  Munster via Neighbourfood Markets every week.