Mushroom Products

//Mushroom Products
  • Cep Oil, Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms

    Cep Oil


    Great Taste 3Star Winner in 2015

    great_taste Flavour Smoky, Woodsy Umami distinctive Cep flavour. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Ceps (Boletus edulis) Volume 100ml, 200ml
  • Mushroom_Ketchup_Ballyhoura Mountain Mushroom

    Mushroom Ketchup

    great_tasteThe most traditional of the ketchups, mushroom ketchup was typically produced to preserve the flavour of wild mushrooms long before the arrival of the tomato to Europe. Possesses a highly intense mushroom flavour described as being akin to Mushroom Soy Sauce in flavour Great Taste 2 Star Winner 2015
  • Mushroom_Vinegar

    Mushroom Vinegar


    Mushroom Vinegar

    great_taste Produced using our cultivated and foraged wild mushrooms. Great Taste 3Star Winner 2015
  • Porcini Dust

    Porcini Dust


    Great Taste 1Star 2016

    great_tasteForaged Cep/Porcini dried and milled into an ultrafine powder. Flavour The most flavoursome of the dried wild mushrooms it delivers an intense smokey, woodland savoury note, high concentrations of natural glutamic acids deliver natural umami increasing the savoury depth of any dish it is used with.
  • Risotto Mmix, Ballyhoura Mountain Mushroom

    Risotto Mix


    Great Taste 1 Star 2016

    great_tasteA speciality selected mixture of dried cultivated & wild mushrooms for use in dishes such Risottos delivering intense and subtle mushroom flavours and a myriad of textures. Can be used dried or rehydrated
  • Soup Mix Ballyhoura Mountain Mushroom

    Soup Mix


    Great Taste 1Star 2016

    great_tasteA specially selected mixture of dried cultivated & wild mushrooms for use in dishes such as soup or pies providing deep mushroom flavours. Can be used alone or combined with other mushrooms.
  • Umami Powder,Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms

    Umami Powder

    A microfine powdered blend Shiitake, Porcini & Kombu seaweed, 3 of natures most concentrated sources of natural glutamic acids delivering intense umami flavour notes to any dish.


    Broths and Asian style noodle dishes. Dry rubs for meats and fish, Soups, Gravy Ingredients: Dried Shiitake(Lentinula edodes ), Dried Ceps (Boletus edulis) Kombu Seaweed, SeaSalt Weight 40g
  • Willd Garlic Vinegar,Ballyhoura Mountain Mushroom

    Wild Garlic Vinegar


    Great Taste 1 Star Winner 2015

    great_taste Ingredients: Wild Garlic (Alium ursinum), White Wine Vinegar Volume 100ml, 200ml