Grow Your Own Mushroom Kits

We supply a range of simple to use, grow your own mushroom ready to fruit grow kits for hobby growers, school projects or as a present for the mycologically curious.These typically will produce up to 1kg of Mushrooms over a two crop process and require little more than a small bit of TLC and misting with initial crop being harvested in 2-3 weeks from receipt of block. Full instructions are provided

The varieties we supply for home grow kits include

Grey Oyster

Golden Oyster


Summer Oyster

King Oyster


We supply other varieties such as Lions Mane, Reishi, Velvet Piopinno, Maitake, Shimeji however these require a little more expertise in growing to ensure a successful harvest.

We also supply commercial grain spawn for a wide variety of species and filter fruiting bags to the more advanced amateur grower