Instant Vegetarian Dashi

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A blend of Shiitakes grown and smoked on our own farm with beech and alder woodchips, and locally sourced Atlantic Kombu seaweed in a convenient tea bag.

Our instant vegetarian Dashi is inspired by traditional Japanese Dashi with smoked bonito flakes (smoked tuna flakes), our smoked shiitakes are a vegetarian alternative to mimic the smoky, umami flavour profile in fish based Daishi stock. The combination of our smoked shiitake and kombu produces a Vegetarian Dashi Stock which is full of savoury, woodsy, seashore umami from the natural sources of glutamic acids in both ingredients with an added smokiness

Flavour: savoury, smoky, umami, seashore

Suggested uses: broths, soups, miso soups, rice dishes, noodle dishes

Awards: Great Taste 2017 1-Star
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