Wild Irish Mushrooms

We forage for Wild Irish Mushrooms throughout the year starting in February for Morels and continuing into late December for Winter Chanterelles.

It’s a simple ethos we employ, all the fresh Wild Mushrooms we supply and sell are Irish and foraged by us, we don’t import or repack. We supply these direct to restaurants and hotels throughout Ireland and to the general public at the Limerick Milk Market every Saturday morning and throughout Munster via Neighbour Food markets.

We also sell large amounts of Chanterelles/Ceps/Pied deMouton etc., online for home delivery across Ireland in the Autumn months.

Fresh Availability
Morels Feb/March/April/May
St Georges March/April/May
Chicken of the Woods April/May/June/Oct
Fairy Ring Champignon May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct
Giant Puffballs
Girolle/Chanterelle May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct
Pied de Mouton July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov
Cep/Porcini June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov
Winter Chanterelle Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan
Golden Chanterelle Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan
Black Trumpet Sept/Oct
Saffron Milk Caps Oct
Hen of the Woods Sept/Oct
Cauliflower Mushroom Sept/Oct
Summer Truffle Aug/Sept/Oct
Wood Blewit Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb