We commenced growing mushrooms and producing mushroom products commercially in 2011

All our mushrooms are organically grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers predominantly on wood based substrates (birch, beech, willow, oak), whilst  Cordyceps are grown on supplemented Rice Substrate, whilst wild mushrooms are picked in non-polluted forest environments

These are the same mushroom substrates that use daily to grow mushrooms to supply restaurants etc., and are supplied in ready to fruit format (typically 1-3 weeks) and as such are not intended to be stored for an extended time period

Our Mushroom Powders are simply Dried Mushroom Fruitbodies that have been milled to a uniform powder

Our Mushroom Extract Supplements are all produced from 100% Whole Fruitbody, via either water or ethanol extraction or dual extraction utilising both water and ethanol extraction

All products are produced in house by ourselves utilizing our own production process equipment including dehydrators, freeze dryers and automated capsule filling line

No we don’t produce product for anybody else

We are a working mushroom growing farm and production facility and visitation is strictly by prior appointment

We are registered with the Department of Agriculture for Mushroom Cultivation, HSE/FSAI for production of food products. All our Mushroom Supplement products and their composition are registered with FSAI as per European Communities (Food Supplements) Regulations 2007

We use DPD as our delivery partner shipping to both the Republic and Northern Ireland, all order are emailed a tracking code on dispatch allowing real monitoring of their orders progress.

We typically hold 3 or 4 mushroom foraging events in the Autumn with the dates not decided until closer to Autumn in order to optimise the bounty for the participants. Tickets are sold via our website. The events are ticket only events and are not refundable in the case of non-attendance/cancelation