Chaga Tea

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Ingredients: Wild Chaga “Inonotus obliquus”

Description: Chaga has been consumed for millennia by the native people of Canada & Siberia who have highly valued it for its traditional folk medicine benefits. Modern science has identified Chaga as containing desired mycochemical such as beta glucans, terpenes and betulinic acid. Wild Chaga Tea has been produced by micro-milling Chaga fruitbody to produce a uniform highly dispersible powder to allow for complete extraction of flavour and nutritive components by hot water extraction. Each packet of Wild Chaga Tea contains 10 individual 5gram teabags of micromillled Chaga

Directions for use: Use 1 tea bag per mug (approx.275ml) Add boiled water and brew for 5-10minutes

Contents: 10 teabags per pack
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